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How To Improve Your Productivity And Clarity Through Journaling

You’re sitting at your desk staring at your computer screen. It’s finally all falling into place. If you move this here and that there…suddenly, a little voice screams,


You snap out of your daydream and turn to face the door as your little one peeks around the frame. She grins sheepishly at you and her story begins. You try to listen. You really do, but you’re also trying not to lose track of your thought process.

In the end, there it goes: whatever you were thinking about is gone.

When you’re juggling your own dreams in one hand and your kids’ in the other, it becomes increasingly important to provide yourself a space where you can organize your thoughts and not lose sight of your goals.

Journaling is a best practice for mom’s trying to clarify their goals and improve their productivity. Here are 7 reasons why journaling is a must-have activity in your life.

1. A journal keeps everything in one spot

Say goodbye to notes scribbled on napkins, sticky notes left unread on the fridge, and ideas unwritten because you’ll lose them anyway.

A journal is a centralized location where you can streamline your plans and ideas to refer back to again later.

, How To Improve Your Productivity And Clarity Through Journaling, Working Mom Coach | Kristen Westcott

2. A journal allows you to write down your thoughts without getting distracted

Setting apart a consistent time slot to journal gives you the opportunity to just write down your thoughts.

You don’t need to execute all of them or even think they’re good ideas. The important part is that you’re able to get it all down on paper.

3. A journal encourages clarity through handwriting

American author, Michael Hyatt says, “When we write clear, we get clear. When we get clear, that acts like a magnet that pulls us towards [our goals].”

Handwriting forces us to slow down and process our thoughts because we can’t write as fast as we think or type. The movement of our hands solidifies concepts better in our mind.

If handwriting is not an option for you, I would recommend you try oral journaling. Recording yourself speak out loud is another way to explore your ideas. The combination of speaking and hearing will also allow your brain to better understand your thoughts.

, How To Improve Your Productivity And Clarity Through Journaling, Working Mom Coach | Kristen Westcott

4. A journal tracks your evolution through time

As you’re journaling, you may notice that you repeat a lot of the same ideas. At first, it may seem like a waste of time, but every time you reiterate the same thought, you’re actively reflecting on it and solidifying its execution.

When you look back on your previous journal entries, the hope is that you should be able to pinpoint entries where your ideas became actionable items and learn more about the influences that allowed you to reach those points.

5. A journal encourages consistency

Journaling doesn’t need to take up much time. Consistency is a key to productivity. Every time you journal, you’ve taken an active step toward clarifying and achieving your goals.

6. A journal gives back as much as you put in

The more you journal, the more you’ll discover what works and doesn’t work for you. The first time you journal will be cathartic. A lot of thoughts will spill on the page. They may be messy. They may be incomprehensible, but the more you get to know yourself and your writing style, the better you’ll be able to communicate your ideas.

After you’ve settled on a system, your journal will quickly become your go-to guide.

, How To Improve Your Productivity And Clarity Through Journaling, Working Mom Coach | Kristen Westcott

7. A journal is personal and its capacity is limitless

Your journal is meant for your eyes only. Between the pages, you have the freedom to express your thoughts in whatever way makes the most sense.

You’re not constrained by the rules and can choose to use words, shorthand, or even doodles to sort out your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to get crafty. Cut out image from your favourite magazines or print out pictures from the internet. Maybe one of your kiddo’s drawings inspires you. Your journal, your rules.

This is the most important point: the personal nature of the journal means, you journal when you want, however often you want. You should try to keep a consistent schedule, but this consistency can be once a day, once a week, or once a month.

Your journal, your rules.

If your child knows how to write, encourage them to get in on the process! It’s never too early to start journaling and it can be a bonding moment for parent and child.

I really encourage you to give it a try.  As busy moms, it can be hard to gather our thoughts, which makes it extremely difficult to make any progress towards our projects or goals.  Journaling can really help with productivity and clarity if you make it part of your daily habits

What are some things you think journaling can help you with? Let me know in the comments below!

, How To Improve Your Productivity And Clarity Through Journaling, Working Mom Coach | Kristen Westcott

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