Ready to outsource your copy, but have no idea how to find the right copywriter for what you need?

Struggling to find a copywriter on Fiverr or Upwork?

Feel like your copywriter is missing the mark? 

How to Find and Hire the Perfect Copywriter for Your Business

(without spending hours on Fiverr or Upwork)











If you’re like me you want the details fast …

WHEN: May 24

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Up until now, you’ve written everything for your business yourself and it’s just not landing. You know you need to hire someone, but you have no idea how to find the right copywriter so your investment doesn’t go to waste.

Want to know more about what exactly you’re signing up for?


In this free training, you’re going to learn:

  • How to know if you’re ready to hire a copywriter so you don’t waste your money
  • The different types of copy and why not every copywriter is the right person for the project
  • The 3 best ways to find quality copywriters for your projects without spending hours on freelancing platforms
  • How to determine whether the copywriter is the right fit for your business so your relationship is fun and easy and the project flows smoothly


I’m Kristen, a business strategist and copywriter.  I’ve been in the online space since 2017 and have worked as a coach, a Director of Operations (aka Integrator), a business consultant, and a copywriter. 


What does that mean? I’ve seen the back end of a lot of businesses! I know the strategies behind many different business models and all the pieces that come together to get a new program out into the online world! 


And I’ve hired a lot of different people (for my business and for clients’ businesses)


I’ve wasted both time and money with contractors before and learned my lesson. 


I know how important good copy is to your business growth. I also know how long it takes to write when it’s not your zone of genius (and you sit there staring at a blank screen) So I get it that you’re looking to hire that out! 


I can help you figure out where to find and hire the right copywriter for your business.

Kristen Westcott
Website copy testimonial

Ashley Holmes, Holistic Fertility Coach

Kristen knew what I needed and went above and beyond

"Kristen captured myself and my brand and turned it into a tangible site to direct people to. I no longer have to leave the website space blank when filling out forms. Kristen knew what I needed and went above and beyond to make it happen!"

Kalish Nesbitt

Kalish Nesbitt, Well-Run Retail

saving me countless hours racking my brain on DIYing my sales page

"I couldn't figure out how to put the vision of my new offer into words that would be easy to understand by my audience. I felt frustrated and even delayed the launch. Kristen helped me capture my thoughts out of my head into a beautiful, cohesive sales page saving me countless hours racking my brain on DIYing my sales page."