The Working Mom's Cheat Sheet for Creating Your Optimal Schedule

  • As moms trying to please everyone can be our pitfall - it’s in our human nature to want to inspire happiness into others. But what if I told you that putting so much energy into pleasing others is actually holding you back and making your life more difficult? 
  • You may not even realize it, but the more times we say “yes” to others, the more we are bulking out our own schedules, and sacrificing cherished time with our families. 
  • Now you’re probably wondering how do you know which opportunities to say yes to, and which ones to let pass by. Don’t worry, you’re not alone - figuring this out can be a minefield of its own! 
  • Once I’d realized that I didn’t need to take part in absolutely everything that came my way my life totally changed for the better! I had more free time, I was happier, more productive and my family saw more of me. Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate life balance? 
  • Now it’s my turn to help you do the same. I’ve used my knowledge and experience to bring you; The Working Moms Cheat Sheet for Creating Your Optimal Schedule. This sheet will help you realize your main priorities when it comes to allocating your time, and will help you grasp a clearer understanding of the kind of opportunities that fit into your overall vision of your life, and the kind that you should be saying no to. It’s time for you to take back some of your time too! 

Want to make your schedule a lot simpler? Download my cheat sheet and lets get started! 

Meet Kristen

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Kristen Westcott is a certified health and life coach and a mom to two beautiful little girls.  When she’s not coaching or writing or chasing her children around, you can find her reading, drinking tea and taking online personal development courses for fun! Kristen is the “go-to expert” for all things organization and time management.  You don't have to give up your career - you can learn to manage your time and simplify your life so you can be an amazing working mom! Ready to get started? Download your free resource right now!

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