7 Simple Steps for Working Moms to Get More Done in Less Time

Don't you wish you had more time in your day? But it's filled with chores, work and much more? 

  • Do you feel like your day is a never ending rollercoaster of trying to get stuff done? You’re trying to juggle work, looking after the kids and keeping on top of the household, its exhausting and you just don’t know how to keep up - how are moms ever supposed to catch a break? 

  • Being a mom can be hard work at the best of times, but throw a busy career into the mix too and it can really feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. We find that we’re comparing ourselves to the super moms on social media (which isn’t necessarily real life by the way!), which instantly fills us with a sense of deflation.


  • If only working moms could free up some of their time and make their lives easier... That’s where I come in to help! Being a busy working mom myself, and being in the vicious circle of “too much to do, not enough time”, I’ve mastered every time saving hack there is, and of course created some of my own along the way!

  • I’ve put together 7 Simple Steps for Working Moms to Get More Done in Less Time (plus 2 extra hours of free time each day!), if you have a never ending to do list, and a schedule as cramped as the train at rush hour then this is perfect for you. I want to help you free up some of your oh so precious time, so that you can even spend some moments doing something for you!

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Hi, I'm Kristen!

Kristen Westcott

 Kristen Westcott is a certified health and life coach and a mom to two beautiful little girls.  When she’s not coaching or writing or chasing her children around, you can find her reading, drinking tea and taking online personal development courses for fun! Kristen is the “go-to expert” for all things organization and time management.  You don't have to give up your career - you can learn to manage your time and simplify your life so you can be an amazing working mom! Ready to get started? Download your free resource right now! 

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